Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

We didn't have a whole lot going on this weekend. On Saturday, I got up before everyone and worked on my weekly layout for my bullet journal. I have only been keeping a bullet journal for about a month. That's a month longer than I have kept any other type of calendar. This layout is my favorite so far .

Once H got up she wanted pancakes and candy. So like any good patriotic military wife (jk), I had red, white, and blue sixlets on hand. They were on the baking aisle at Walmart and H had to have them. Why do they put those thing at 2 year old so eye level? 

Then we got ready for gymnastics. H still LOVES to go. Right before we were walking out the door she found my ink pad and decided to decorate her hands, face, and leotard. Oh the joys.

I didn't get a picture but after gymnastics we ran home and grabbed the dogs for their nail appointment. Later in the day, we ran to the store and H's Goldie had to ride in the back because that's where Bentley and Mercedes ride. 

We have been having some nap issues lately. It takes about an hour to get her down for a nap. The hour is filled with us fighting because gets off the bed constantly. She eventually gets so mad she ends up hitting me or biting me. On Sunday I tried to not give her a nap and from 5pm on, she was a nightmare of a child. She really needs a nap so I guess I will just have to continue fighting with her for an hour. I just don't know what to do. She is so sweet when she does fall asleep though :)

We skipped church and pizza on Sunday. H seems to have come down with a cold. The poor baby has a runny nose and awful cough. We just went grocery shopping and played around the house. I got a run in before everyone woke up and then we walked after dinner. So I got lots of exercise. I did some meal prep for my lunches this week. I make zucchini boats. They have ground turkey, mushrooms, garlic powder, and spegetti sauce, covered with cheese! I can't wait to try them today at lunchtime!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

National Park Service Centennial

The National Park Service turns 100! Through Sunday all National Parks will be fee-free to celebrate! We love going to the national parks and exploring. They are always toddler friendly :)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Airplane Travel With A Toddler

The other day H grabbed her suitcase and said I want to go to Grandma's on a airplane. She thinks going to Grandma's is as simple as a ride on an airplane. If she only knew. Here are a few things I have found out since taking a plane back home with H.

1. TSA Pre-check if you can. It is $85 for five years and a child under 12 does not need their own number. The Pre-check was given to us the very first time I flew with H. It was a glorious glorious day. I was already SO nervous because I was flying alone with her and I did not know how she was going to take the flight. With TSA Pre-check you don't remove your shoes or your liquids out of your bag. That's not the best part. Sometimes you can walk right up and go through security, there is a very minimal line if one at all! Standing in an hour long line to get through security with a 2 year old, no thank you!

2. Pick your seat wisely. It is always just H and I flying home so it is amazing to get the side of the plane that only has two seats in our row. It is like our own little space where H can't bother anyone else. I also personally prefer the seat directly behind the wing. It is close to the motor so there is a lot of motor noise to drown out a VERY loud child. Why must my daughter speak at such a high volume all the time?

3. If you have a child under 2 you do not have to buy them their own seat (at least with most airlines). I suggest buying them their own seat if at all possible. We flew when H was about 21 months old and I did not buy her, her own seat. It was not pleasant at all. H wanted the seat to herself, which means she was trying to kick me out would throw a huge fit every time I wouldn't move for her. 

4. When you are traveling with a small child, you are allowed a sippy cup with water or juice in it that is over the 3oz limit. This seems great. My suggestion is to just take an empty sippy cup. When you take the liquid then that is another step in security that you have to go through. They have to test the liquid to make sure you are not trying to sneak something else through. It doesn't take long but I rather not have that step and just fill the sippy up at the water fountain or buy a juice once we are at or close to the terminal. 

5. Take a small umbrella stroller. I made the mistake of thinking that H wouldn't sit in a stroller because she had refused the stroller for months prior to our very first flight. I had to carry her through the entire Atlanta airport. My arm was so sore the entire time I was back home and I stopped on the way to the airport to come back home that trip and punched an umbrella stroller. You are allowed to check it at the door of the plane, and they have it at the door of the plane when you touch down wherever you are going. 

6. Pack light. Take a back pack and a small purse. I have always purchased new toys to bring out each flight. Things like colors and paper, small barbie dolls, hot wheel cars, little Disney figurines. I don't really suggest markers because the one time we took one of the magic pads where the marker only colors the special paper, the lid kept dropping and we eventually lost it. H spent almost an entire flight playing with the snapchat filters on my phone. Technology is our friend mama's. 

7. Go light on snacks. I packed a ton of snacks on our first flight and it was just a waste of space. H loved getting the snacks from the flight attendant. That is usually the only snacks we end up needing but I bring a small baggie of cereal or crackers just in case. 

8. Breastfeeding saved our first flight. Of course not everyone has this option. H was well over one when we took our first flight and I was working towards weaning her. We had cut out all daytime nursing at the time. I hated to nurse her on the plane but it was the flight i mentioned above where she was trying to take seat and it kept turning into a fight. I was worried that we would take a step back in weaning if I nursed her during the day, and I was worried about any rude comments because I was nursing a walking, talking, almost 2 year old. Nobody said anything to me about nursing her and it didn't slow down our weaning one bit. So if it's an option, use it! H settled down and fell fast asleep. 

9. Travel during nap time. H falls asleep in the car and sleeps just as well in am airplane. I love traveling during nap time.

10. Toddler playground. Find out if the airport you will be flying out of has a place for children to play and find out what terminal it is at. If you arrive when they recommend, which is usually 2 hours ahead of time and have the TSA Pre-check, you will most likely have enough time to let them spend some energy at a place that is safe to do so. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ocmulgee National Monument

This national monument is a prehistoric American Indian site. There has been 17,000 years of continuous human habitation at this site. American Indians first came to this site hunting ice age mammals and constructed mounds that still stand today. You can read about many different time periods of habitation here. Some more interesting stories about the area here.

I somehow lost all my other pictures from this day :( 

There is a small and very neat museum inside the visitors center. There is also a mound that you can still go into and look around at where some of the Indians used to reside. You can climb some stairs and go onto the mound in the picture above and see downtown Macon, Georgia. If you are from the area and have not stouppped by to check the site out, I encourage you to do so. Be prepared for lots of walking and stair climbing. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was SO busy! Gymnastics went great, it was the first weekend that J was not TDY and able to go with us. He loved seeing her do everything. We were getting ready to go and she packed a suitcase and her purse and put a winter hat on. I believe there was a baby, a washcloth, maybe a couple of little people figurines and her Goldie puppy (stuffed animal) in the suitcase... I'm sure she is not the only toddler that wants to take everything minus the kitchen sink EVERY time we leave the house to go do something. 

On the way home from gymnastics, we stopped by CVS for some Claritin (Georgia allergens are BAD) and I saw this little fish game. I remember playing with my mom when I was little. Hannah didn't exactly get the concept of the game but she loved playing with it :)

Then we headed to the Atlanta airport. I had an appointment to get a TSA pre-check number. If you have to travel with a toddler, I recommend getting the TSA pre-check. You don't have to take your shoes off or take anything out of your bags to go through security, not to mention that the line is always 100 times shorter. I believe it is a small price to pay for convenience. It was $88 and lasts for 5 years and 1 child under 12 goes through with you.

After the airport we headed to a friends apartment who lives in Marietta, GA. She was just moved up there for the military. We were actually trading a table with her. Right when we first had H, we bought one of those bar height table and chairs and since H started refusing the highchair we have been eating dinner at her toddler table. I was so worried that she would fall out of one of the chairs and hit her head on the tile or something. Our friend had moved into an apartment up there and the table was too big so she offered to give it to us. So we traded. After unloading the table and getting it put back together we headed to Dave and Busters to eat and play a few games. 

We went with our normal Sunday routine yesterday. Grocery shopping, nap, church, and Marco's pizza. It was great to have J back and be back into our routine. The waitress knows us now and knows our order ha. We are actually planning on adding a walk after our Marco's pizza once its not one thousand million degrees outside. 

Anything exciting go on this weekend?

What all things does your toddler like to take when you leave the house?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Life In Instagram Posts

Instagram is my favorite social media outlet. I love pictures. I love taking them and looking at other peoples pictures. Here is my life summed up since I started my Instagram account. 

This is one of my first pictures on Instagram. J and I on our first vacation to Red River, New Mexico. It is one of our favorite places to go together. We have been a handful of times and love it more every time we go. 

Nursing school.... The most challenging and rewarding thing I have done for myself. There were many many late nights studying and early morning drives to a clinical site that was an hour a away. This picture describes about 3/4 of the program ha!

This happened before Instagram but I did share it on my profile. This was in the airport the day J came home from Iraq. I was so nervous and excited to see him. It had been 6 months. We were engaged and our wedding was about a month away at that point.

This was pre-H, when out puppies were our only children. We had put off getting a dog for a long time. We got Bentley and fell in love with being dog owners. Mercedes came about 6 months later. I really believe that dogs need other dog companions. We both work and they are such social pets. These two are inseparable. It is so sad when we have to leave with only one for a vet outing or something. It breaks the other ones heart. They are both mixed breeds from rescues, and that is the only way to go :) We couldn't ask for better dogs.

My Jeep ;) A cousin gave me a Hot Wheels Jeep when I turned 16 as a "you wish" present. I have wanted a Jeep for as long as I remember. So when I graduated nursing school, I bought myself a Jeep. It is so much fun and has been the perfect vehicle for me since I had it. People ask me how I like it all the time. But that has a complicated answer because people are asking to judge if they may want one. I love it and I am so glad that I own one but my next vehicle will not be a Jeep Wrangler. My plan is to keep this one until we have no choice but to drag it off in pieces to a junk yard. We plan on keeping it to have fun and play off road and take up the mountains. My next car will be a much more pleasant drive. Jeeps are loud (even the hard top), they don't drive smooth at all, they are SO slow, and they are kind of hard to see out of for me. So my advice is, if you love driving where there is no pavement and don't do a lot of highway driving then absolutely the Wrangler is the way to go, If you will never be taking off into the dirt or up a mountain then pick something else. They were created to be rugged and climb rocks, not drive down the highway. 

We don't have cows anymore but at one time we had a very small herd. It was such a fun and educational experience for us.

Awe, the day we found out H was a girl. This is how we announced it. Of course we both would have loved a little boy just as much but deep down in our hearts we both wanted a little princess so bad.

This picture stirred up a little controversy online. Someone did not like the fact that I used the flag as a "maternity wrap". I am including this picture because I love it. In no way did I mean any disrespect to the fag or my country. To me, this picture represents my love for my country and how proud I am of the fathers service to our great nation. In making this picture, we did no harm to a real or fake flag.

The day H was born was the scariest and happiest day of my life. I am so thankful to everyone I had around me that day. Her birth was the beginning of a new life for me. The life of a mother. One I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

I am just including this because it is one of my favorite pictures haha. I love when she smiles in her sleep...

Fort Worth, TX. That is home. When I took this, I had no idea that we would ever leave Fort Worth. I miss it so much some days.

You know, just everyday parenting stuff....

This picture always makes me laugh. #iwokeuplikethis

H's first Christmas was so much fun!

Our first trip to Red River, New Mexico as a family of three. We had a ton of fun that trip besides the fact that H had strep throat and a double ear infection. We had to take her to a couple of towns over to get medical treatment halfway through the trip but she is such a trooper and did so well.

Our move to Georgia was definitely a huge time for us. None of us had made this big of a move before. We have adjusted well and we are loving our time here, but still waiting to go back home :)

H adopted her first Cabbage Patch baby! She loved going around and taking all the pacifiers out of all their mouths. In reality she was probably a bit too young. I think she would enjoy it a lot more now. 

This was our first airplane ride home. H and I flew out on Thanksgiving day. Now she tells us that we need to take a plane to go see Grandma and Nana all the time.

This was on Valentines day this year. I think her smile is so pretty here. 

I am going to toot my own horn real quick. Of course I loved this picture because it has my two favorites in it being sweet. We were walking to go see an old Indian mound in Macon, Georgia. The National Park Service contacted me to use the picture in an exhibit they are doing at Georgia State University. I will be going to the opening ceremony in a few weeks and will post more about it later.

This picture is from our latest trip back home to meet H's little cousin. H looks so tiny but its really the angle of the camera haha. 

Some of my favorite moments are watching H sleep. She is so active and always moving. Sometimes its hard to take in how amazing she is until she is still and sleeping.

Anyone else LOVE Instagram as much as me? Leave me your user name I would love to follow you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Ok, I want to start with a disclaimer... My beach experiences before moving to Georgia include Galveston island and that's it, so I cannot compare to places like the Caribbean.

With that being said, we have been to Tybee Island, St. Simons Island, and Jekyll Island on the east coast. Jekyll is by far my favorite. It is clean and quiet and the best part is how you pay for parking. When you are entering the island you drive through a station where you pay about $5 and you can park anywhere that is public. There is no searching for a parking meter or any of that nonsense.

First we headed to Driftwood beach. It was SO pretty. A nature photographer would have a field day on that beach. There were some sunbathers but mostly everyone on that beach was just walking around on the beach exploring. The beach is very littered with the driftwood so there really isn't much room to do anything else. 

After we walked around at Driftwood beach taking pictures and finding seashells we headed to Great Dunes Beach, where H could have more space to run around and play in the water. We had SO much fun! We will definitely go back to Jekyll Island many times while we are stationed here.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

Last week, H had her first dentist appointment and she did really well. She got a little antsy after the dental hygienist had been working in her mouth a while and then again when the doctor came to check her mouth. I think she just thought she was done and was surprised that she had to let someone else put their hands in her mouth ha! The check up went really well. They said that her front bottom teeth are close together so we would need to floss in between them a couple of times a week to make sure there is not much plaque buildup. So we practiced flossing :) 

We went to gymnastics again on Saturday. It is totally H's element. She has a blast. She remembered how to do everything from last weekend. They changed a few things up but most of the obstacles were the same. She is actually almost doing a cartwheel! Her daddy will be there next week and I cannot wait for him to see how she is doing. 

There is a picture I found on Pinterest of a little girl in her mothers wedding dress in a cotton field. I want to replicate that picture with H in my dress SO bad. We went driving around looking for cotton fields after gymnastics. I think this is a cotton plant but I have no idea how to know when it will be ready. Any ideas?

We spent the rest of the day playing with each other and the dogs. I know they miss J when he is gone. I try to give them extra attention when he is TDY. 

Sunday, we went to the early service at church and went to Aldi to get groceries. Once we got home, I prepared lunch and we ate and I laid H down for a nap. I tried to work on my curtains while she was down for a nap but it didn't last long. 

I did get a little meal prep done for next week. Yogurt parfait's for breakfast and rice, bean, and veggie bowls for lunches. That Bear Naked granola Triple Berry flavor is the absolute best! I have actually been eating it for a few weeks now, I just decided to make ahead and add the frozen strawberries this week. 

I love rice bowls. I am trying to eat more vegetables so what I did was layer rice, black beans, a frozen veggie mix of corn, peas, carrots, and green beans, salsa, and cheese. I actually saw this combo on another blog but I cannot for the life of me find it again. 

H insisted on 2 babies and her puppy, Goldie to sleep with. She laid them on a pillow and goes "mommy take a picture of my babies". It was so cute I had to take a picture...