Sunday, November 6, 2016

Third Week In Invisalign

I have finished my third week in Invisalign. I changed my tray for the first time at the beginning of week so I thought I would update. I was told to change my trays in the morning so that any pain I got would not interfere with my sleep. I decided to take some Advil and change them out the night before. There are a lot of people online who suggested changing them at night and there is not a whole lot that will interrupt my sleep ha. I will probably stop doing updates every week because I feel like there is not a ton of change.


I did get pain back after I changed the trays. I didn't have any pain from rough spots rubbing the inside of my mouth like my prior tray, but my teeth did hurt. The pain seemed to peak around day three and then start to subside. I think I may have only taken pain medication once during that time so the pain was not too severe. It did start to hurt to eat again, but like I said that is starting to subside again.

Change in teeth

I cant visually see any change but I can feel it in the way my mouth comes together. I got a little worried when I first put in my new tray and it didn't seem to fit very well. I had mentioned in my last post that I was finding it difficult to meet the 22 hour goal. They fit much better after a day or so of wearing them. 

Caring for the trays

I am still following the same care routine as in my last post. I am brushing them with clear antibacterial soap and soaking them in fresh guard every couple of days. I did break down and buy some vinegar though. I feel like they are left with kind of a funky taste after soaking them in the fresh guard. It's not a horrible taste and it doesn't last long but I thought I would try the vinegar soak.

Is it worth it?

I still feel like it is such a hassle now. We went out to eat on Halloween and then took H to a "happy" haunted house. I just feel gross using a public restroom to brush my teeth so I ended up just flossing and swishing really well with water before putting back in the trays. Today I went on a picnic with my daughter at the park so she could play a while. I ended up just leaving them at home. I will probably change my mind when I come out the other end with amazing straight teeth but right now I am feeling like it just a huge hassle and I paid a lot of money to put myself through this hassle lol. 

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