Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My 5 Top Essential Oils

Today I am linking up with Tricia and Melissa to talk about something that has become part of my everyday life.

I have been using essential oils for a little over two years. I only use Young Living oils . I have tried many of their oils and have loved them all but there are a few that I find myself using in my everyday life. Most oils are very versatile and can be used many different ways but I thought I would share my favorites and how I use them.

1. Melaleuca Alternifolia AKA Tea Tree Oil - This oil is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial. It's common uses are coughs, acne, athletes foot, cold sores, candida infections. What makes it numero uno on my list is how great it treats my cold sores. I typically get 2-3 cold sores a year. If you are also a sufferer, you know how horrible these can get. Most people say to dilute so if you are new to this oil and especially since you will be putting it on your mouth dilute until you know how you will react. I personally, do not dilute. I apply full strength to my cold sore 3-5 times a day. If I happen to catch the cold sore while it is still in its hard lump under the skin stage I usually never even pops up. If I do not catch it early, the pain/size/time frame of the cold sore is dramatically reduced. Before I started treating my cold sores with tea tree oil they would ALWAYS get massive, I am talking about half my dang lip, crack and bleed, and last around 10 days. Now, even if I do not catch it in time to prevent one, they almost never bleed and only last around 4 days! That is EPIC y'all! I cannot rave enough about what this oil has done for me.

2. Lavender - This oil is probably the most versatile oil and is a great starter oil. It's most common uses are for burns, minor scrapes/cuts, relaxation, allergies, itching, and to make all the things smell nice. My personal favorite uses are for itching and for a dog freshener spray. I make an itch cream with lavender, peppermint, and coconut oil. To be honest, I don't measure (I cook this way too, which is probably why I have never been mistaken for an amazing cook), I just put a couple spoon fulls of coconut oil in a small container along with 5-10 drops of each the oils. This cream works amazingly well on bug bites and to use after I get my allergy shots :) For the dog spray, I just fill a spray bottle up with about 2/3 water to 1/3 white vinegar and add around 15 drops of lavender. Spray the dog (avoiding face) and once the vinegar smell has dried out you are left with one fresh pup.

3. Peppermint - This oil is commonly used for headaches, bug bites, and digestive issues. My personal favorite is my itch cream, mentioned when I was talking about lavender. I have also used it to lessen the discomfort during a bad stomach virus by rubbing it into our bellies.

4. Breathe Again roll on - This is an oil blend made of Eucalyptus oils, laurus nobilis, peppermint, copaiba, myrtle, rose hip, blue cypress, and coconut oil in a bottle with a roller top. I have an almost 3 year old that has been in daycare since she was 6 months old. Hello colds. We have had our share. This has really been a life (and sleep) saver. I keep it by the bed during cold season. It is within reach if one of us starts getting stuffy or coughing. Now I just roll it on H's feet, chest, and back. When she was younger I would just roll it on my chest because she has always slept very close to me.

5. Thieves - This is a blend made up of lemon, cinnamon, cloves, and rosemary. If you know anything about essential oil, you have probably heard about Thieves. The most common use is immune support. Because of its antimicrobial properties, Young Living also makes a Thieves cleaner, hand wash, sanitizing gel, toothpaste, maybe even more things I cannot think of at the time being. I made my own roll on by adding several drops along with some olive oil to a bottle and H will even roll it on her own feet at night to fight off viruses. When I have a cold I like to add it to hot tea along with lemon essential oil and honey. It is very soothing on your throat. Do this a few times a day and you will feel better in no time.

What are some oils you use everyday?

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