Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Elf on the shelf gets me real excited because I believe H will really get into it this year. Last year she didn't really pay it much attention. This year she is able to understand more and I plan on using it to it's full potential. I will be sharing this seasons Elf shenanigans here. Here are some of my ideas, gathered from other, more wise moms (thanks!).

Our elf for sure needs surgery, tutorial here.

I mentioned above, using it to its fullest potential... I think I am going to change this up though and use it as a daily tool that starts over every day and once she gets to naughty elf will tell Santa.
This is the only link I could find.

Picklehead Soup is a genius and has an entire page on elf on the shelf ideas. Thank you, Amy!

Some of my favorites.

I found these awesome ideas here. Who doesn't have a million Pez dispensers?

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  1. These are always so funny!! I love seeing how creative people are on my facebook feed.