Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Wrap up

Holy smokes, what happened to September? Not sure if I even had the chance to breathe. J was TDY more days than not and the month just got super busy trying to juggle everything myself. He is  home for a few weeks now so hopefully I can get back on track.

I even stopped logging in my bullet journal. I don't usually have a beautiful design and drawing like some of the bullet journals you can find on instagram and pinterest but I thought I would share my layout every week. I am still changing things up from week to week but a weekly layout seems to work best for my schedule. This week I added a gratitude space so I can write down one (short) reason I am grateful each day.

The first weekend of the month we drove down to Panama City Beach and went to Gulf World to swim with a dolphin. It was so much fun and I will do a full review in another post because I have SO many great pictures from it.

This last weekend we drove up to Atlanta to pick up a friend and went to Fall Branch Falls. Its a short hike to the falls, maybe a quarter of a mile. From there the actual hike goes on for miles. We were a little unsure how H would do but she did amazing. Hiking may be our new favorite outing. It has been fairly dry so I am sure the falls are more impressive when the creek is flowing a little better but we still had a great time.

I am currently about 10 lbs over where I want to be. I have been logging my calories and macros for a couple weeks now using My Fitness Pal and lost a few pounds. I have also been trying to eat as clean as possible. I created an instagram page dedicated to sharing "clean eating" recipes and ideas. It is @kendaeatsclean if you would like to follow. I only have one post so far but plan to get more active soon! 

So, I promise to post more on here, the last month just got too crazy. 

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