Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Just sharing some things from our Halloween festivities this weekend! My daughters sitter is really awesome and keeps them busy with all kinds of crafts. Here is all of H's Halloween crafts from the last couple of weeks. 

Last weekend we went and picked out a couple of pumpkins and picked up some glow in the dark paint. We had a lot of fun painting our pumpkins but the paint didn't really glow that well.

H had already decided to be Rapunzel for Halloween and we had bought her costume but then we were told to dress up for gymnastics Saturday morning. So we scrambled to find something that she could do the gymnastics in. We went with a kitty cat and just ditched the ears when she did rolls. We just used one of her leotards with some leopard print leggings and some cat ears from Target.

After gymnastics we picked up the Frappula from Starbucks. It is only available through Halloween.

Everyone on base did trick or treating Saturday night. Since I work late on today we are planning on trying to get away with not going. So we went out and hit up some houses. There was one house that was especially scary. After going to that house H's attitude had changed and she was ready to go home.

We went home around 8pm and turned on Spooky Buddies (her favorite for the time being). Ate popcorn and candy, and stayed up late (10pm). 

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  1. How was the drink? I kept seeing it on IG. Miss H looks precious. I love the kitty!!! We missed y'all Saturday night!!