Saturday, October 22, 2016

First Week in Invisalign

About a month ago I had a regular dental appoinment. The dentist asked me about a chip I have in my front tooth. I never knew when I got it. It was just there one day. He explained that your teeth constantly move forward throughout your lift and that my teeth are probably getting more uneven and will continue to get that way for the rest of my life. He said that it was probably one of my crooked teeth on the bottom that chipped my upper tooth. He also said that it would cost a lot less to take care of it now rather than wait (because I could do the 20 week express since my overcrowding was not too bad yet) and that I was at risk for more chips. So I agreed to talk to the person in charge of the insurance and billing. My insurance didn't cover any of it, but until the end of the year they were offering a special for half off. With the half off it cost me $1795. So I went home and talked to J about it. My uneven teeth have always bothered me a little but not really enough to get braces. The thought of more chips in my teeth gave me the push I needed to go through with it. I called the next day and set up the appointment to havw my teeth scanned.
The appointment was really simple. I just went in and they took pictures of my smiling and profile pictures of my face. Then they scanned my teeth with a digital scanner. It was kind of uncomfortable because the scanner is pretty clunky and my mouth is small. None of it hurt. I paid and we made the appointment for me to get my aligners and my attachments put on for 2 weeks out.

Last Monday I went in at noon and the assistant helped me put on my first aligner to make sure it fit. Then she started applying the attachments. I am not sure what the attachments are made of but it smelled like a nail salon in there. After the attachments were done she made me put the aligners in and take them out a few times to make sure I could do it. There is a bit of space between my teeth and aligners on the front 2 teeth. I mentioned that it was not real comfortable and the assistant helped me put on some dental wax and said that there was not a way to fix it but that the other aligners might not be like that.

By the end of that first day they were becoming very uncomfortable. My teeth were becoming sore and a few spots where the aligners were a bit rough were getting very tender. By the 24 hour mark, I was in pain and it was worse when I took the aligners out to eat. My lisp was insane and I had about 3 sores on the inside of my mouth. I started rinsing with salt water twice a day on Wedesday and that helped a lot. The sores from the aligners were completely gone by Friday morning. I am no longer using the dental wax. The soreness when I eat is going away but I still have to eat slowly and eat fairly soft foods.

It it really strange for me to share such upclose pictures of my mouth so please be nice :) In pictures 1 and 2, I am trying to show the attachments. I have 4 on each side. Everyone has different attachments it just depends on what needs to be done to your teeth. Picture 3 shows my uneven bottom teeth. Picture 4 shows that my upper front teeth actually slant very slightly inwards. This is supposed to make them slant very slighty outward so that my bottom teeth are not rubbing against my top. You can see in some of the pictures that my lips are very dry. For some reason my lips got really chapped. Im not sure if it is related to the invisalign or because I have had a cold this last week.

Below is a picture with the Invisalign on to show what it looks like.

I go back in early December for a check up to make sure they are moving correctly and to get the last of my aligners. I will keep y'all updated! 

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  1. Hello, Kenda. After my wife kept telling me to check out Invisalign, I finally did! Mine didn't hurt as much as yours did at first, but I experienced a bit of discomfort sometimes. I've had to slow down on the coffee, too, because it actually can stain them a bit over time. Luckily, it's easy for a dental cleaning to take the stains right out, though.