Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Just sharing some things from our Halloween festivities this weekend! My daughters sitter is really awesome and keeps them busy with all kinds of crafts. Here is all of H's Halloween crafts from the last couple of weeks. 

Last weekend we went and picked out a couple of pumpkins and picked up some glow in the dark paint. We had a lot of fun painting our pumpkins but the paint didn't really glow that well.

H had already decided to be Rapunzel for Halloween and we had bought her costume but then we were told to dress up for gymnastics Saturday morning. So we scrambled to find something that she could do the gymnastics in. We went with a kitty cat and just ditched the ears when she did rolls. We just used one of her leotards with some leopard print leggings and some cat ears from Target.

After gymnastics we picked up the Frappula from Starbucks. It is only available through Halloween.

Everyone on base did trick or treating Saturday night. Since I work late on today we are planning on trying to get away with not going. So we went out and hit up some houses. There was one house that was especially scary. After going to that house H's attitude had changed and she was ready to go home.

We went home around 8pm and turned on Spooky Buddies (her favorite for the time being). Ate popcorn and candy, and stayed up late (10pm). 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Second Week In Invisalign

I have almost completed two weeks of wearing my fist Invisalign trays and I have to say I am getting used to them.


I don't really have any pain in my mouth anymore. Every once in a while a random tooth will get sore but it doesn't bother me too much. The attachments still bother the inside of my mouth if I eat real aggressively, so I still try to eat slowly.

Change in teeth

The biggest change I see in my mouth at this point is my teeth are getting whiter. I believe that is because my dental hygiene has never been so on point. I brush, floss, and rinse at least 3 times a day. I am finding it hard to meet my wear for 22 hours a day goal, especially on the weekend. I want to enjoy 2 cups of coffee instead of one and I want to eat a snack or something with my daughter so I end up taking them out more often.

Caring for the trays

For almost the entire first week I did not consume anything except water with them in. They would get kind of grimy but nothing a little soap and water couldn't handle. I was instructed to clean them with clear antibacterial soap and a soft bristle toothbrush. I was also told to use white vinegar and water for a soak if I felt I needed something more. J hates the smell of vinegar and complains every time I use it. So I bought the Fresh Guard retainer soak from Target for about $6. I use it every couple of days. I have also started drinking cold coffee through a straw with my trays in if I am at work or having a random cup in the middle of the day. The staining has been minimal but there is some yellowing on my top tray.

Is it worth it?

I think it will be. Of course there is no visible change in my teeth alignment yet. I am also worried about going through the initial pain again when I change out my trays on Monday.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Top 10 Places to Visit in Georgia

Besides the fact that our family is not here, we have come to love Georgia. I mean in just a day trip you can enjoy the mountains, the beach, some farm land, or a big city. J likes the fact that Georgia is so full of history and I love the water falls and beaches. The best part, most of these places are either free or very cheap.

1. Wormsloe - This was the colonial estate of Noble Jones who arrived in Savannah in 1733 with James Oglethorpe. The main structure is the oldest structure in Savannah. It is beautiful here. There are moss covered trees lining the main drive it and it breath taking. Admission is, Adults (18–61): $10.00, Seniors (62+): $9.00, Youth (6–17): $4.50, Children (under 6): $2.00.

2. Jekyll Island - Jekyll Island has many different beaches but you cannot go and not stop by Driftwood beach. You pay a $5 parking fee to get onto the island and then you park anywhere on the island that is not private property. We especially liked the part where we didn't have to find a parking meter somewhere.

3. The Rock Ranch - The Rock Ranch is a cattle ranch that was founded by the same person as Chic-fil-a, S. Truett Cathy. They raise grass-fed/grain-finished, hormone/steroid free all natural beef. They also have train rides, zip lines, jumping pillows, carousel rides, cane pole fishing, pedal boats, pony rides and an area called tiny town to visitors. Tiny town is an entire town (houses, shops, court house, church) made kid size. They have a thing called fall days where they have a different special event each weekend. The picture below is of the weekend where they had hot air balloons last fall.

4. Providence Canyon - AKA the little grand canyon around Georgia. Into hiking? This place is awesome. You can hike around the top of the canyon or go down to the bottom There is a stream that runs through the bottom. H loved walking through it. It cost $5 to park.

5. Fort Frederica- Fort Frederica is a very well preserved fort on St. Simmons island. It was constructed in 1736 by Gen. James Edward Oglethorpe to defend Georgia against Spanish attack. There are layouts of where houses used to to stand and other still standing structures. It is free to get in and park!

6. Anna Ruby Falls - Anna Ruby Falls is just north of Helen, GA. You reach the falls by a 1.2 mile paved walkway. There are 2 separate decks to view the falls from. This is (in my opinion) the most beautiful falls we have seen in Georgia. There is also a hiking trail that starts at the same point but we did not go on it. At the beginning of the trail there is a visitors center where you pay the $3 fee to see the falls.

7. Fantasy In Lights - Fantasy In Lights at Callaway Gardens is an awesome light show. There are 8 million lights, snow on the beach, shopping, food, and christmas scenes acted out on the beach. We plan on going back every year that we are here in Georgia. I highly recommend riding the jolly trolly but you must buy your tickets early, they sell out incredibly fast. You may also drive your own vehicle through. This might be the most expensive attraction on my list at $28 per adult, $14 for ages 6-14, and free for under six, but it is well worth it.

8. Fort Pulaski - I just noticed that the park is closed due to hurricane Matthew. I hope the damage is minimal if there is any at all. This is a very well preserved fort from the Civil War. Not sure if any of this is going to change due to any damage but while we were there you could walk throughout the fort and see different areas such as where the soldiers slept, ate, had church service, and where they kept prisoners. You could also walk to the top of the fort, which had amazing views. I did not get any pictures from the top because I had a not quite 2 year old who thought she was too independent to be held and there are not railings at the top of the fort. So we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time up there.

9. Andersonville National Historic Site- This is a huge POW camp from the Civil War. 45,000 union soldiers were confined here and the conditions were so bad almost 13,000 died while in confinement. There are monuments from different states to honor those who died from the states. The cemetery is heartbreaking. There are so many blank gravestones in the cemetery and to think of that many people whose family never got confirmation of their loved ones death.

10. Benton MacKaye Trail/Fall Branch Falls- Benton MacKaye trail is a 50 mile hiking trail with Fall Branch Falls located about 1/2 a mile in. The Falls have an observation deck. for viewing but you are able to go down and wade in the creek. We did not do much more of the trail past the falls since we had H with us, but the trail is rated moderate and what we were able to do was really fun.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

First Week in Invisalign

About a month ago I had a regular dental appoinment. The dentist asked me about a chip I have in my front tooth. I never knew when I got it. It was just there one day. He explained that your teeth constantly move forward throughout your lift and that my teeth are probably getting more uneven and will continue to get that way for the rest of my life. He said that it was probably one of my crooked teeth on the bottom that chipped my upper tooth. He also said that it would cost a lot less to take care of it now rather than wait (because I could do the 20 week express since my overcrowding was not too bad yet) and that I was at risk for more chips. So I agreed to talk to the person in charge of the insurance and billing. My insurance didn't cover any of it, but until the end of the year they were offering a special for half off. With the half off it cost me $1795. So I went home and talked to J about it. My uneven teeth have always bothered me a little but not really enough to get braces. The thought of more chips in my teeth gave me the push I needed to go through with it. I called the next day and set up the appointment to havw my teeth scanned.
The appointment was really simple. I just went in and they took pictures of my smiling and profile pictures of my face. Then they scanned my teeth with a digital scanner. It was kind of uncomfortable because the scanner is pretty clunky and my mouth is small. None of it hurt. I paid and we made the appointment for me to get my aligners and my attachments put on for 2 weeks out.

Last Monday I went in at noon and the assistant helped me put on my first aligner to make sure it fit. Then she started applying the attachments. I am not sure what the attachments are made of but it smelled like a nail salon in there. After the attachments were done she made me put the aligners in and take them out a few times to make sure I could do it. There is a bit of space between my teeth and aligners on the front 2 teeth. I mentioned that it was not real comfortable and the assistant helped me put on some dental wax and said that there was not a way to fix it but that the other aligners might not be like that.

By the end of that first day they were becoming very uncomfortable. My teeth were becoming sore and a few spots where the aligners were a bit rough were getting very tender. By the 24 hour mark, I was in pain and it was worse when I took the aligners out to eat. My lisp was insane and I had about 3 sores on the inside of my mouth. I started rinsing with salt water twice a day on Wedesday and that helped a lot. The sores from the aligners were completely gone by Friday morning. I am no longer using the dental wax. The soreness when I eat is going away but I still have to eat slowly and eat fairly soft foods.

It it really strange for me to share such upclose pictures of my mouth so please be nice :) In pictures 1 and 2, I am trying to show the attachments. I have 4 on each side. Everyone has different attachments it just depends on what needs to be done to your teeth. Picture 3 shows my uneven bottom teeth. Picture 4 shows that my upper front teeth actually slant very slightly inwards. This is supposed to make them slant very slighty outward so that my bottom teeth are not rubbing against my top. You can see in some of the pictures that my lips are very dry. For some reason my lips got really chapped. Im not sure if it is related to the invisalign or because I have had a cold this last week.

Below is a picture with the Invisalign on to show what it looks like.

I go back in early December for a check up to make sure they are moving correctly and to get the last of my aligners. I will keep y'all updated! 

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Durhamtown Off Road Resort

Get ready for rave reviews! This place is awesome. Durhamtown Off Road Resort has 6000 acres to ride and is located in Union Point, GA.

We have been to a lot of off road parks in the south and Durhamtown has the best maps, the trails are marked well, and the other visitors are polite and
follow the rules. They have on site lodging, places to park your RV, and tent spots available. They also have many ATV, SxS, and dirt bikes to rent.

There is a big difference between an off road park in Georgia and one in West Texas. There is beautiful. Scenery here in Georgia.

There is something for everyone at the park. There is a pee wee track, Jeep area, dirt bike trails and tracks for jumps.

Here are a couple links to videos we took with the GoPro.

So if off road is your thing, I highly recommend checking this place out!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Wrap up

Holy smokes, what happened to September? Not sure if I even had the chance to breathe. J was TDY more days than not and the month just got super busy trying to juggle everything myself. He is  home for a few weeks now so hopefully I can get back on track.

I even stopped logging in my bullet journal. I don't usually have a beautiful design and drawing like some of the bullet journals you can find on instagram and pinterest but I thought I would share my layout every week. I am still changing things up from week to week but a weekly layout seems to work best for my schedule. This week I added a gratitude space so I can write down one (short) reason I am grateful each day.

The first weekend of the month we drove down to Panama City Beach and went to Gulf World to swim with a dolphin. It was so much fun and I will do a full review in another post because I have SO many great pictures from it.

This last weekend we drove up to Atlanta to pick up a friend and went to Fall Branch Falls. Its a short hike to the falls, maybe a quarter of a mile. From there the actual hike goes on for miles. We were a little unsure how H would do but she did amazing. Hiking may be our new favorite outing. It has been fairly dry so I am sure the falls are more impressive when the creek is flowing a little better but we still had a great time.

I am currently about 10 lbs over where I want to be. I have been logging my calories and macros for a couple weeks now using My Fitness Pal and lost a few pounds. I have also been trying to eat as clean as possible. I created an instagram page dedicated to sharing "clean eating" recipes and ideas. It is @kendaeatsclean if you would like to follow. I only have one post so far but plan to get more active soon! 

So, I promise to post more on here, the last month just got too crazy.