Friday, September 2, 2016

September Goals

I love reading everyone's goals post at the first of the month. It's always so inspiring to me. I read article on how to set goals and achieve them, think about what is important to me, and come close to writing them out and making a plan. I just never seem to follow through. Today is the day. I am going to lay it all out here so I can hold myself accountable. I am using the SMART goal method.

Goal #1
Specific - I want to loose weight.
Measurable - 15 pounds to be exact.
Action - cut out sodas and candy, exercise 5 days a week
Realistic? - Yes, I have gain that much in the last few months so I'm sure I can take it off.
Timely - I will give myself until Thanksgiving.

Goal #2
Specific - Take my Bible study to the next level.
Measurable - read bible study plans from the Bible app. Thrive moms: warrior study, She is......Mom, and Promises from God for your child.
Action - read the daily plans, it's all laid out.
Realistic? - Yes
Timely - read over the month of September

Goal #3
Specific - Participate in Blog-tember.
Measurable - blog all 30 days
Action - get as much done over the weekend as possible and work at least 10 minutes a day on posts.
Realistic - it's going to be hard but yes, I can do this.
Timely - 30 days.

Goal #4
Specific - Quit spending money on stuff I don't need.
Measurable - Not buying stuff unless it is on my need to buy list.
Action - Make a list and stick to it.
Realistic - I believe so. I think buy making a list and sticking to it, I will prevent the random browsing in the dollar sections of stores.
Timely - I am going to really buckle down for the month of September because then I will need to start buying Christmas gifts.

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  1. I love your goals...and how you set them out. I think I have goal ADHD. Seriously...mine are all over the place and I generally prefer creating goals then doing anything to accomplish them. HA.