Monday, September 5, 2016

Most Memorable Birthday

My most memorable birthday doesn't belong to me. It belongs to my daughter. The day I became a mother and I changed forever. It was the longest day of my life! I started feeling contractions at dinner time the night before my due date and I had not had any braxton hicks before so I didn't know if it was the real thing or not. I called the nurse line for my physician and she told me that since I had only been dilated to 1 cm at my last appointment then I probably needed to wait for a bit and just time my contractions. They never died down or grew further apart. They only got stronger and quicker. I timed them until 2:30 in the morning, woke my husband up and told him that I wanted to go to the hospital. It had began to snow and ice so we packed everything up and went ahead to the hospital. When we got there I was only dilated to 2 cm but my contractions were strong and I was in active labor so they did not want to let me go home when a snow storm was coming in. I was in labor for 19 hours before I started pushing and ended up pushing for almost 4 hours.

At one point the physician came in and said that my options were to use the vacuum to help her come out or to start prepping for a cesarean. After talking to the physician and nurses I decided to try the vacuum. After about 15 more minutes, H was born.

Because of the vacuum being used, H's head was misshapen and had a huge hematoma on it. (Her misshaped head rounded out at about 1.5 years old)

Can you believe not one person got a picture of me and my baby on her birthday!

My mom got out in the (Texas) blizzard to come be with me during labor.

Even though I had asked everyone not to come until I had her, my aunt showed up about the time I started pushing. I am so thankful she was a stubborn woman and was there.

When the hematoma started to break down H's bilirubin levels went up and she became jaundice.

So on the fourth day of her life she was transferred to NICU and I was discharged :( She did 24 hours of phototherapy and then was discharged. For the week after her discharge we had to go to her pediatrician every day to get her bilirubin levels checked. Besides that small set back, she was healthy and beautiful and her birthday was the most amazing thing to happen to me.

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  1. Aww!! Mimi never missed anything!!! Sweet woman. I remember coming to visit y'all right after you came home!