Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

We didn't have a whole lot going on this weekend. On Saturday, I got up before everyone and worked on my weekly layout for my bullet journal. I have only been keeping a bullet journal for about a month. That's a month longer than I have kept any other type of calendar. This layout is my favorite so far .

Once H got up she wanted pancakes and candy. So like any good patriotic military wife (jk), I had red, white, and blue sixlets on hand. They were on the baking aisle at Walmart and H had to have them. Why do they put those thing at 2 year old so eye level? 

Then we got ready for gymnastics. H still LOVES to go. Right before we were walking out the door she found my ink pad and decided to decorate her hands, face, and leotard. Oh the joys.

I didn't get a picture but after gymnastics we ran home and grabbed the dogs for their nail appointment. Later in the day, we ran to the store and H's Goldie had to ride in the back because that's where Bentley and Mercedes ride. 

We have been having some nap issues lately. It takes about an hour to get her down for a nap. The hour is filled with us fighting because gets off the bed constantly. She eventually gets so mad she ends up hitting me or biting me. On Sunday I tried to not give her a nap and from 5pm on, she was a nightmare of a child. She really needs a nap so I guess I will just have to continue fighting with her for an hour. I just don't know what to do. She is so sweet when she does fall asleep though :)

We skipped church and pizza on Sunday. H seems to have come down with a cold. The poor baby has a runny nose and awful cough. We just went grocery shopping and played around the house. I got a run in before everyone woke up and then we walked after dinner. So I got lots of exercise. I did some meal prep for my lunches this week. I make zucchini boats. They have ground turkey, mushrooms, garlic powder, and spegetti sauce, covered with cheese! I can't wait to try them today at lunchtime!

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