Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was SO busy! Gymnastics went great, it was the first weekend that J was not TDY and able to go with us. He loved seeing her do everything. We were getting ready to go and she packed a suitcase and her purse and put a winter hat on. I believe there was a baby, a washcloth, maybe a couple of little people figurines and her Goldie puppy (stuffed animal) in the suitcase... I'm sure she is not the only toddler that wants to take everything minus the kitchen sink EVERY time we leave the house to go do something. 

On the way home from gymnastics, we stopped by CVS for some Claritin (Georgia allergens are BAD) and I saw this little fish game. I remember playing with my mom when I was little. Hannah didn't exactly get the concept of the game but she loved playing with it :)

Then we headed to the Atlanta airport. I had an appointment to get a TSA pre-check number. If you have to travel with a toddler, I recommend getting the TSA pre-check. You don't have to take your shoes off or take anything out of your bags to go through security, not to mention that the line is always 100 times shorter. I believe it is a small price to pay for convenience. It was $88 and lasts for 5 years and 1 child under 12 goes through with you.

After the airport we headed to a friends apartment who lives in Marietta, GA. She was just moved up there for the military. We were actually trading a table with her. Right when we first had H, we bought one of those bar height table and chairs and since H started refusing the highchair we have been eating dinner at her toddler table. I was so worried that she would fall out of one of the chairs and hit her head on the tile or something. Our friend had moved into an apartment up there and the table was too big so she offered to give it to us. So we traded. After unloading the table and getting it put back together we headed to Dave and Busters to eat and play a few games. 

We went with our normal Sunday routine yesterday. Grocery shopping, nap, church, and Marco's pizza. It was great to have J back and be back into our routine. The waitress knows us now and knows our order ha. We are actually planning on adding a walk after our Marco's pizza once its not one thousand million degrees outside. 

Anything exciting go on this weekend?

What all things does your toddler like to take when you leave the house?

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