Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

Last week, H had her first dentist appointment and she did really well. She got a little antsy after the dental hygienist had been working in her mouth a while and then again when the doctor came to check her mouth. I think she just thought she was done and was surprised that she had to let someone else put their hands in her mouth ha! The check up went really well. They said that her front bottom teeth are close together so we would need to floss in between them a couple of times a week to make sure there is not much plaque buildup. So we practiced flossing :) 

We went to gymnastics again on Saturday. It is totally H's element. She has a blast. She remembered how to do everything from last weekend. They changed a few things up but most of the obstacles were the same. She is actually almost doing a cartwheel! Her daddy will be there next week and I cannot wait for him to see how she is doing. 

There is a picture I found on Pinterest of a little girl in her mothers wedding dress in a cotton field. I want to replicate that picture with H in my dress SO bad. We went driving around looking for cotton fields after gymnastics. I think this is a cotton plant but I have no idea how to know when it will be ready. Any ideas?

We spent the rest of the day playing with each other and the dogs. I know they miss J when he is gone. I try to give them extra attention when he is TDY. 

Sunday, we went to the early service at church and went to Aldi to get groceries. Once we got home, I prepared lunch and we ate and I laid H down for a nap. I tried to work on my curtains while she was down for a nap but it didn't last long. 

I did get a little meal prep done for next week. Yogurt parfait's for breakfast and rice, bean, and veggie bowls for lunches. That Bear Naked granola Triple Berry flavor is the absolute best! I have actually been eating it for a few weeks now, I just decided to make ahead and add the frozen strawberries this week. 

I love rice bowls. I am trying to eat more vegetables so what I did was layer rice, black beans, a frozen veggie mix of corn, peas, carrots, and green beans, salsa, and cheese. I actually saw this combo on another blog but I cannot for the life of me find it again. 

H insisted on 2 babies and her puppy, Goldie to sleep with. She laid them on a pillow and goes "mommy take a picture of my babies". It was so cute I had to take a picture...

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