Friday, August 5, 2016

Pinterest Wins From My Own Home!

Everyone loves Pinterest right? Not everyone is so creative and craft/artistic (especially not me). I have had many Pinterest fails, but here are some of what I consider my Pinterest wins...

My coffee bar. I had been eyeing the coffee bars on Pinterest for years but with our home layout it just never made sense. When we PCS'd, our current home has an apartment sized kitchen but a big dinning room. I finally got my Pinterest worthy coffee bar! The Texas home sign was a going away gift from a sweet cousin.

Of course one of my favorites is all about H's art work. H comes home with new art about twice a week from her sitters house. It is all really cool stuff that I of course want to display. This hangs in our living room and we update it pretty much weekly.

Ok this could be much ore pretty but I still love it. We keep a child proof door handle on it so H cannot get in and keep all the cleaning supplies in the hallway closet. It is the most central spot in our house. I don't know why they didn't make it in the picture but I keep microfiber cloths and a duster in there as well.

I love bobby pins, and like everyone else, I have no clue where they all run off too most of the time. Since I have this, I have better luck keeping them together. They are easy to grab and easy to put away.

J says I am addicted to oils. He has no clue how many oils other people keep. I believe this is a healthy amount of oils for a healthy addiction :) I stored them in a bag before I saw this storage method on Pinterest. Now I can see what I have, which makes them faster to find and ensures that I do not purchase duplicates. There are a couple duplicates already in there...


What are some of your favorite things on Pinterest right now?

I would love to see your Pinterest wins, put a link in the comments below.

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  1. I love this whole post!!! I am going to have to do the bobby pin thing. Those little suckers disappear QUICK.