Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ocmulgee National Monument

This national monument is a prehistoric American Indian site. There has been 17,000 years of continuous human habitation at this site. American Indians first came to this site hunting ice age mammals and constructed mounds that still stand today. You can read about many different time periods of habitation here. Some more interesting stories about the area here.

I somehow lost all my other pictures from this day :( 

There is a small and very neat museum inside the visitors center. There is also a mound that you can still go into and look around at where some of the Indians used to reside. You can climb some stairs and go onto the mound in the picture above and see downtown Macon, Georgia. If you are from the area and have not stouppped by to check the site out, I encourage you to do so. Be prepared for lots of walking and stair climbing. 

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