Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Life In Instagram Posts

Instagram is my favorite social media outlet. I love pictures. I love taking them and looking at other peoples pictures. Here is my life summed up since I started my Instagram account. 

This is one of my first pictures on Instagram. J and I on our first vacation to Red River, New Mexico. It is one of our favorite places to go together. We have been a handful of times and love it more every time we go. 

Nursing school.... The most challenging and rewarding thing I have done for myself. There were many many late nights studying and early morning drives to a clinical site that was an hour a away. This picture describes about 3/4 of the program ha!

This happened before Instagram but I did share it on my profile. This was in the airport the day J came home from Iraq. I was so nervous and excited to see him. It had been 6 months. We were engaged and our wedding was about a month away at that point.

This was pre-H, when out puppies were our only children. We had put off getting a dog for a long time. We got Bentley and fell in love with being dog owners. Mercedes came about 6 months later. I really believe that dogs need other dog companions. We both work and they are such social pets. These two are inseparable. It is so sad when we have to leave with only one for a vet outing or something. It breaks the other ones heart. They are both mixed breeds from rescues, and that is the only way to go :) We couldn't ask for better dogs.

My Jeep ;) A cousin gave me a Hot Wheels Jeep when I turned 16 as a "you wish" present. I have wanted a Jeep for as long as I remember. So when I graduated nursing school, I bought myself a Jeep. It is so much fun and has been the perfect vehicle for me since I had it. People ask me how I like it all the time. But that has a complicated answer because people are asking to judge if they may want one. I love it and I am so glad that I own one but my next vehicle will not be a Jeep Wrangler. My plan is to keep this one until we have no choice but to drag it off in pieces to a junk yard. We plan on keeping it to have fun and play off road and take up the mountains. My next car will be a much more pleasant drive. Jeeps are loud (even the hard top), they don't drive smooth at all, they are SO slow, and they are kind of hard to see out of for me. So my advice is, if you love driving where there is no pavement and don't do a lot of highway driving then absolutely the Wrangler is the way to go, If you will never be taking off into the dirt or up a mountain then pick something else. They were created to be rugged and climb rocks, not drive down the highway. 

We don't have cows anymore but at one time we had a very small herd. It was such a fun and educational experience for us.

Awe, the day we found out H was a girl. This is how we announced it. Of course we both would have loved a little boy just as much but deep down in our hearts we both wanted a little princess so bad.

This picture stirred up a little controversy online. Someone did not like the fact that I used the flag as a "maternity wrap". I am including this picture because I love it. In no way did I mean any disrespect to the fag or my country. To me, this picture represents my love for my country and how proud I am of the fathers service to our great nation. In making this picture, we did no harm to a real or fake flag.

The day H was born was the scariest and happiest day of my life. I am so thankful to everyone I had around me that day. Her birth was the beginning of a new life for me. The life of a mother. One I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

I am just including this because it is one of my favorite pictures haha. I love when she smiles in her sleep...

Fort Worth, TX. That is home. When I took this, I had no idea that we would ever leave Fort Worth. I miss it so much some days.

You know, just everyday parenting stuff....

This picture always makes me laugh. #iwokeuplikethis

H's first Christmas was so much fun!

Our first trip to Red River, New Mexico as a family of three. We had a ton of fun that trip besides the fact that H had strep throat and a double ear infection. We had to take her to a couple of towns over to get medical treatment halfway through the trip but she is such a trooper and did so well.

Our move to Georgia was definitely a huge time for us. None of us had made this big of a move before. We have adjusted well and we are loving our time here, but still waiting to go back home :)

H adopted her first Cabbage Patch baby! She loved going around and taking all the pacifiers out of all their mouths. In reality she was probably a bit too young. I think she would enjoy it a lot more now. 

This was our first airplane ride home. H and I flew out on Thanksgiving day. Now she tells us that we need to take a plane to go see Grandma and Nana all the time.

This was on Valentines day this year. I think her smile is so pretty here. 

I am going to toot my own horn real quick. Of course I loved this picture because it has my two favorites in it being sweet. We were walking to go see an old Indian mound in Macon, Georgia. The National Park Service contacted me to use the picture in an exhibit they are doing at Georgia State University. I will be going to the opening ceremony in a few weeks and will post more about it later.

This picture is from our latest trip back home to meet H's little cousin. H looks so tiny but its really the angle of the camera haha. 

Some of my favorite moments are watching H sleep. She is so active and always moving. Sometimes its hard to take in how amazing she is until she is still and sleeping.

Anyone else LOVE Instagram as much as me? Leave me your user name I would love to follow you.

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