Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Ok, I want to start with a disclaimer... My beach experiences before moving to Georgia include Galveston island and that's it, so I cannot compare to places like the Caribbean.

With that being said, we have been to Tybee Island, St. Simons Island, and Jekyll Island on the east coast. Jekyll is by far my favorite. It is clean and quiet and the best part is how you pay for parking. When you are entering the island you drive through a station where you pay about $5 and you can park anywhere that is public. There is no searching for a parking meter or any of that nonsense.

First we headed to Driftwood beach. It was SO pretty. A nature photographer would have a field day on that beach. There were some sunbathers but mostly everyone on that beach was just walking around on the beach exploring. The beach is very littered with the driftwood so there really isn't much room to do anything else. 

After we walked around at Driftwood beach taking pictures and finding seashells we headed to Great Dunes Beach, where H could have more space to run around and play in the water. We had SO much fun! We will definitely go back to Jekyll Island many times while we are stationed here.

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