Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What I Learned From Our First PCS

#1 Get excited.

For a brief history, J is an AGR in the reserves and spent the first 10 years of his AF career (and first 7 years of our marriage) in our home town. Typically reserve members do not have to relocate. J's unit was deactivated so we were faced with making the choice to PCS or J getting out. Maybe I will share what made us ultimately move in a later post :) So, thinking about moving away for the first time with an 18 month old had me in a bundle of nerves to say the least.

It helped a lot to start researching. Finding things to do and explore in our new area got me excited. I started to look at the move as an adventure instead of the end of the world.

#2 Stay ahead of the game.

Prepare the best you can. Have you ever heard of the saying "hurry up and wait"? That's a PCS summed up in a nutshell. 

#3 Plan for the unexpected.

If something could go wrong, it will. Fix the issue, let it go, and move forward.

#4 Do a partial move. 

We have a trailer so we moved some big items that did not really need packing on it. If you weigh in before you load and then after you load it you will get paid per weight to move your own stuff. We did that and then let the company they contracted come pack up the rest of the house do all the hard work. By moving the washer, dryer, ATV's, and a few other bulk items we were able to make enough to make up for me not working for a bit.  

#5 Get out into the community as soon as possible.

I was able to land a job within 2 weeks of moving to Georgia. It helped to take my mind off the fact that for the first time in my life I just moved nearly 1,000 miles away for everyone and everything I ever knew. For some people, going out and getting a job may not be your thing. Get involved in volunteering or find a local mom's meet. Just sit down the unpacking and get out of the house.

#6 Dive into your faith.

I didn't find a church right away. I went to the base chapel but they don't have a steady nursery worker so you can imagine how that turned out. The next church I went to turned out to be the best church I have ever been to. So much so that I sometimes worry about finding a church as great when we move again.

#7 It's not goodbye forever.

 This isn't the old times. Just because you far far away from those you love, doesn't mean that you are disconnected. With Facebook, Twitter, Texting, and phone there isn't much I that I miss.

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  1. I think you are handling things SO great. And y'all are definitely having an adventure. I just want y'all to come back!!'ll notice I'm blog stalking you tonight....catching up!