Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend here in Georgia! J will be home the next few weekends so we are trying to make the most of family time.

Friday night, J and I cleaned out 3 boxes that were still packed from our move 10 months ago. I'm a little ashamed of that ha! They were stacked in the spare bedroom so it looks much better now with those gone. We still have H's crib we need to get rid of. It's hard to bring myself to get rid of it. We still have some boxes in the storage area but that is mostly seasonal stuff that needs to be stored anyhow. I will move to minimizing that stuff after I get the house like I want it.

This Saturday we added another stamp to our National Park Passport book by going to the Castillo de Sans Marcos. It is located in St. Augustine, FL. I will share all the details of the trip in another post. It is an awesome fort still standing that was built in 1695. That's almost 100 years before America was founded! It is in amazing shape to be that old.

Sunday was our usual grocery shopping, church, and Marco's Pizza. H thinks it is super funny to hold us down and lick us. I blame her daddy for that. She got him good waiting for out pizza today.

On the way home we saw one of the Lords great promises.

I am going to try to start getting up and getting to the gym in the morning before H wakes up and before getting ready for work. It's going to take a lot of effort it will be worth it. I have about 10 extra pounds that I have put on since moving here. So after coming home from dinner I did a little meal prep and made some chicken with fresh basil from my herb garden.

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