Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

As far as exciting goes, this weekend was pretty lame. I did get a lot done on a couple of my main life goals right now. J is TDY this weekend so we didn't go see anything special. To be honest, its so hot here right now I'm not sure what we will be doing over the next several weeks that he is home. Most exploring we do involves the great outdoors.

I got a lot done as far as simplifying my life. I started Saturday morning with unsubscribing from junk emails. It's amazing how fast those things pile up. While H was napping I started in my home office area. It's usually the last thing I touch as far as cleaning. It got to be overwhelming at some point because H goes in with me and turns into the Tasmanian devil. She loved to pound on my computer and go through drawers pulling out papers. I just tend to avoid it when she is awake. J and I share a room to keep our computers and stuff. He has a desk and a bookshelf and I have a desk and bookshelf. We have found that it is best this way. Now, I am a little ashamed to show this before and after.

I armed myself with a trashcan, a shredder, a laundry basket, and a duster, and got to work. First, with one quick sweep, I put everything that did not belong in the room into the laundry basket. Then I started on the piles of paperwork. I shredded anything that needed to be shredded and threw away anything that needed to be thrown away. I put disc's in the computer to identify what they were and labeled them correctly. Once all the surfaces were cleaned up I dusted and started making everything left over a space. I still have some organizing I plan on doing with the bookshelf but H only naps for so long. 

The biggest of my life goals (and the one that is going the best right now) is diving deeper into a relationship with God. H loves church. She started talking about church last night and this morning she told me that we need to go more than once a week. This makes my heart so happy! Today's sermon was SO good. It was over the Holy Spirit. I got the church band's new CD and we jammed all the way home today. 

Over the last few months I have been consistently going to church, praying, reading the Bible. I still feel like I can improve the quality of my prayer so this weekend I started a prayer journal. I often come up with a loss of things to talk to God about so assigned each day with a topic. Of course, prayer time doesn't have to only be on the topic but it also assures me that I am not leaving something out that I feel I need to pray about. My weekly topics: Sunday- the church, the church family, and the church leaders. Monday - My work, the company, and my patients. Tuesday - H. Wednesday - J. Thursday - friends and family. Friday - Our country, our military and government. Saturday - the world and international issues. Once my prayer journal becomes a little more developed I would love to share it. I also recommitted to a new way of bible study. I was following study plans found on pinterest I want to kind of change direction. I am going to start reading the bible from front to back cover to cover. I also plan on copying it all down. Sort of like making my own study guide. 

And just for grins, here is a picture of my beautiful, sweet, funny baby girl!

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