Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend over here in Georgia. Hot, but great. We started out with keeping H up way past her bed time to watch the city firework show. We were not sure how she would do so we kept our distance by staying on base and just finding a clear parking lot with no trees. She really liked it. We played the national anthem from the phone and she sang and danced in the back of the truck for a while. When she got tire of that we did sprints in the parking lot. You know, toddler stuff...

We got up fairly early Saturday morning and headed East for Fort Morris. Fort Morris was a patriot fort in the Revolutionary War. The actual fort is no longer there but the earthworks and a few tombstones in the cemetery remain. I have a whole post planned on Fort Morris so look for that later this week.

After we came home, H and I went for a walk/ride around the block to burn some pent up energy from being in the car for so long. She is getting pretty good at driving that four wheeler.

I didn't really get many pictures of Sunday. We really only went grocery shopping, church, and to eat pizza. It was a really nice day though and H looked so cute in her denim dress and boots. Swoon...

I am including Monday since it's a holiday weekend and we are all off today. July 4th is also J's birthday! We traditionally go all out popping fireworks and partying the entire afternoon and evening, This is our first July 4th not at home :( Its a little strange and sad. But we are having a good lazy day getting stuff done around the house. I cleaned out my closet of clothes I no longer like or fit into and longer love and J took everything plus our coffee table to the Good Will in town.

I also cleaned out all expired drugs from the medicine cabinet and organized it a little better so that we can find everything.
 J made hamburgers on the grill and we sat and watched H slide down the slide upside down for a bit before nap time

We let H pick out J's cake. She wanted cars lol. I was certain she was going to pick out a Frozen cake but once we were there I guess this one was better. She also insisted we put her name on the cake. Ha.

H is down for a nap now and we just plan on a walk later when she wakes up and some lasagna to eat. That's what I call a successful and fun laid back weekend...

How was your weekend?
Did you see any great fireworks displays?

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