Friday, July 1, 2016

Weekend To-Do List

We have such a busy three day weekend coming up!
  • Tonight there is a 4th of July concert in town we plan on going to. Well, sort of. We plan on going to one of the empty parking lots on base and watching the fireworks display from there. Hopefully we can see it well enough.
  • Saturday we plan on getting up early and going to Fort Morris off the coast of Georgia. It is a revolutionary war fort that still has remnants standing. The pictures I have seen online are SO pretty and J is a huge history buff.

  • Sunday, H and I will go shopping for J's birthday and get him a cake ordered. We are also planning to go to Johnny G's after the 4:30 service at church.
  • Monday we celebrate J's birthday and take the dogs to the dog park. Fun for all!
  • At some point I plan on starting to purge and organize for a new minimalist challenge I have started. 

Wish me luck for our super busy weekend and visit back on Monday for our weekend wrap-up!

What are your plans for this holiday weekend?

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