Friday, July 15, 2016

My Top Pinterest Finds On Minimalism

When you think of minimalism, do you think of black, white, gray, clean lines, and modern furniture in bare walled home? That was me not too long ago. One day I was trying to clean up and got overwhelmed by everything, When we got PCS'd here we moved into a house that was 500 square feet smaller than our last with a kitchen the size of a postage stamp. I have trouble finding places for everything. So I gave up and sat on the couch and started pinning. That's when I stumbled upon the whole minimalism thing and learned that it is so much more than how a place looks and how many clothes you own. I am tired of cleaning everything, tired of mountains of clothes we don't wear, tired of trying to find places out of site for everything, so I started purging.

There are many reasons why minimalism appeals to me. Most important is I want my time back. I want to be able to play more with H and relax more instead of clean after she has laid down for a nap or for the night. I also want to save money by not wanting so much of what I don't need. Buying less of what is not needed will free up money for H's college fund, for us to go on vacations and see this great nation we serve.

With a 2 year old and a husband who is motivated to see everything in this state before we move again, its hard to get much done. I do most of my decluttering when J is TDY and H is asleep. It is taking a while but little by little I am getting rid of stuff we don't need. I am determined to fit everything we need to be happy in this house and to not ever need more square footage again. Because I just flat out don't want to clean it.

So here are some of my favorite posts I have pinned on minimalism.

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  1. Have you read Marie Kondo's book "the life changing magic of tidying up"? It's SUPER cheesy but it does offer some helpful insight on getting rid of "stuff". We get rid of stuff each time we move...but there still seems to be soooo much. UGH