Saturday, July 9, 2016

Minimalist Meal Planning

Some where on this whole minimalist kick I stumbled on minimalist meal planning. I am not sure exactly what makes it minimalist besides it being the same "theme" every week. What you do is basically choose a theme for every day of the week and you choose a meal that fits in. Easy peasy. I will share the theme that J and I came up with.

Meatball Monday - this can be anything from spegetti with meatballs to the meatball wrapped in biscuits with cheese, to meatballs with rice and potatoes. I can not wait to try this meatball casserole i found on Pinterest.

Taco Tuesday - J likes a crockpot soft chicken taco that I do (basically just frozen chicken breasts in crockpot with salsa while I am at work), or we could do beef crunchy tacos. Or a cool taco/nacho cast iron skillet meal I have made a few times.

Pizza Wednesday - H and J LOVE pizza. I'm not the biggest fan but I am outnumbered now. So, we usually stop after work for Little Caesars $5 pizza special or we use the Pillsbury thin crust dough and make our own - family style-. We chose Wednesday to do pizza night because it is the only day of the week that J is never TDY.

Stir-fry Thursday- On Thursday's I have to work in a clinic that is in the next city over so it takes me a little longer to get home. We recently started doing stir-fry. I use a bag of stir-fry frozen veggies and cut up some sausage. The fam bam loves it and it is SO easy and quick.

Breakfast Friday- J loves home made egg sandwiches on english muffins and H can put away some pancakes so this should be easy. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

Lasagna Saturday - We love lasagna. Since it takes so long we decided on Saturday for lasagna. We usually pair it with a salad.

Eat out Sunday - we have gotten into a habit of going to the 4:30 service at church and going to have dinner directly afterwards. It works out great because we are eating early enough there usually is not a crowd and then we have time to come home and get ready for the next week. 

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