Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fort Morris Historic Site

Have you ever heard the phrase "come and take it"? It was coined by Col. John McIntosh. During the American revolution, Fort Morris was created by the Continental Congress to protect their sea port and was garrisoned by 200 patriots and 24 cannons. The British demanded the forts surrender on November 25, 1778 in which Col. John McIntosh replied "come and take it". At that point the British withdrew back to Florida. The British came back in 1779 and took the Fort. 

H was super concerned by the large soldier statues in the museum.

There are no remnants of the fort itself but you can still see the earthworks from where it stood. There are large mounds in the shape of a square surrounded by a moat. The patriots placed large spikes in the moat to deter the British from trying to climb.

In this picture, you can sort of see how close it was to the ocean if you look through the trees.

It is a short drive to the Sunbury Cemetery but worth it to go. When you are driving there it seems like you are just entering a neighborhood. It is gated off and contains 34 tombstones. It is believed that many more graves are still in the area just not marked. The oldest one that can still be read is dated 1788. As you can see, these are so old all the markings have been worn off the stone.

The park ranger was very friendly and informative. There is a small museum inside the visitors center and they will play an informative video for you. They do have reenactments and other events, there just wasn't anything going on while we were there. You can find events on the Georgia state park website .

I got my informations from these sites.

Have you been able to visit Fort Morris?

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