Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Android Application I Find Most Useful

Recently J and I have been using the Google Keep app. We have loved it since we downloaded it. It is an app to take down notes/to-dos/reminders/whatever and share with other people. I look at it like a bunch of sticky notes in my phone.

We first started using it for a grocery list. I started a grocery list one day and added J to it, now we can both add to and edit the grocery list. It updates in real time too. If you both have the app open you can watch the different items being added. 

Aside from the awesome grocery list we have a list for ideas for a road trip we are planning for next summer and our weekly menu I talked about here. Then I have some personal lists that J is not linked to. 

You can make check lists (like my grocery list), draw a list, make an audio note, or add a photo of something. You can even color code your notes or lists to categorize them. 

This is a screenshot of my personal notes right now. Pretty boring right now. I have made reminders in the app to make certain phone calls or take care of certain business. At one point, I also had a "before" picture of myself to try to motivate me to stay on a diet and exercise regimen. 

Have you ever used Google Keep?

Do you have a favorite app?

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