Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tallulah Falls and Weekend Wrap up

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment and H wanted to go to the splash pad so we got kind of a late start, but we wanted to go see something new.

We decided to go to Tallulah Falls. H is getting harder to entertain in the car and the ride there took about an hour longer than it was supposed to due to traffic on I75. There was quite a lot whining on the way there. We made it there pretty late so we were not able to do much. Also, I wasn't really thinking and H and I both wore sandles. Not the best for hiking in the mountains. We walked to a few of the different overlooks. The views of the gorge were amazing.

It was so humid and we were having to carry H a lot because she didn't like the dirt getting in her shoes. So we did about half a mile all together and decided that it was definitely worth a trip back late fall this year. We also decided that from now on, when we go do these trip we are going to leave earlier in the morning to hopefully miss a lot of the traffic.

Today has been a pretty typical Sunday. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning house, and we plan on going to the 4:30 church service and out to eat pizza for dinner!

How was your weekend?

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